Bridging Science & Diagnostics

Every successful treatment begins with a reliable diagnosis.

At BioVendor Group, we search for ways to provide reliable and affordable laboratory results to physicians and patients around the world.

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Bridging Science & Diagnostics

Key projects

We are redefining the standards of cutting-edge diagnostics.

BioVendor Group's key projects are created in the joint synergy of our group's companies. We share technology and combine know-how. The result is unique innovation potential, thanks to which we rank among technological leaders in the field.

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Fully automated CLIA solution.

An attractive portfolio of innovative and established diagnostic parameters combined with a state-of-the-art CLIA analyzer forms a comprehensive, fully automated system for any diagnostic laboratory. Versatile, fast, smooth, intuitive - this is the CLIA solution from the BioVendor Group.

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A new generation of a unique immunoblot test for effective multiplex diagnostics.

Microtiter plate technology paves the way for automation and high throughput of testing. The combination of a reader and advanced software provides comprehensive results and the possibility of connecting to a laboratory information system.

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Next Generation Sequencing

Fast, efficient and affordable sequencing – from nucleic acids to entire genomes.

Thousands to millions of sequences processed simultaneously. Different samples, different patients – NGS revolutionises the speed and efficiency of laboratory diagnostics. Complete kits in a single test tube make laboratory technicians’ work easier and more efficient than ever before.

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Innovative methods for the quantification of new-generation biomarkers.

A wide range of expression panels and targeted measurements for individual miRNAs based on the principle of immunoblot or qPCR. A comprehensive solution for every project, from RNA isolation to sample analysis.

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CLIA Microblot-Array Next Generation Sequencing microRNA

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Articles, webinars, news – we will let you know about everything important in the world of science and laboratory diagnostics.

Our brands

BioVendor LM

A Czech distributor of IVD products for immunology, clinical biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, molecular biology.

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BioVendor R&D

The development division for innovative biomarkers and technologies – miRNA, NGS, liquid biopsies and immunodiagnostic automation.

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A traditional Czech manufacturer and distributor of IVD products focusing on infectious diseases and immunology.

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Oxford BioSystems

A distributor of top IVD products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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The development and distribution of user-friendly IVD assays for genetic testing.

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A manufacturer of products for clinical diagnostics focused on endocrinology, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

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