Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

We bring a comprehensive sequencing solution using the NGS method, designed with maximum efficiency and ease of use in mind. 

User-friendly and intuitive software, diagnostic panels for DNA, RNA analysis, fast service and the perfect know-how of our application specialists - a revolution in the speed of laboratory diagnostics and the availability of personalized medicine.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Molecular diagnostics is the most rapidly growing segment of the in vitro diagnostic market with next generation sequencing (NGS) providing the major technological platform for the state-of-the-art genomic screening of patient samples. NGS coupled with downstream bioinformatic analyses allows for the high-throughput detection of altered genomic regions, providing a wealth of clinically relevant data, which facilitates personalized precision medicine.

During the laboratory workflow, pooling of NGS libraries prepared from multiple individual samples is followed by massive parallel sequencing, which generates millions to billions of sequencing reads, thus producing a large amount of data for computational processing and bioinformatic analysis.  

To support our customers’ diagnostic workflows, we provide end-to-end solutions consisting of a streamlined wet lab protocol combined with an easy-to-use intuitive bioinformatic analysis suite.  


Oncology gene panels

The ViennaLab NGS gene panels are designed for diagnostic and research laboratories focusing on oncology and aiming to identify germline and somatic aberrations with clinical relevance in biopsy specimens. High-quality libraries are generated by a hybrid-capture target enrichment protocol and can be sequenced on NGS instruments from various manufacturers. Investigators can perform secondary and tertiary analyses on their own by using our webtool equipped with interactive graphical user interface and optimized, ready-to-use bioinformatic pipelines (included in the kit price).


Microbiome analysis

Composition and diversity of the human gut microbiome have been linked to a wide range of phenotypes in health and disease. Targeted sequencing of the variable regions in the 16S rRNA gene provides a rapid and easy way to assess the bacterial composition in the human intestine. The ViennaLab 16S Microbiome NGS Assay in conjunction with the ViennaLab Microbiome Analysis Webtool offers a powerful end-to-end solution combining library preparation and bioinformatic analysis. Diversity statistics, informative summary tables and graphical output are generated to facilitate the rapid review and comprehensive evaluation of the bacterial composition in the analyzed samples.


NGS products for oncology

NGS products for intenstinal microbiome analysis

Are you interested in more?

Contact our product manager.

Birgit Luef, Ph.D.
Marketing Manager

+43 1 8120156

Birgit Luef, Ph.D. - Marketing Manager for NGS, BioVendor Group
Are you interested in more?

Contact our product manager.

MSc. Kateřina Pehlíková
Application Specialist

+420 777 226 043

MSc. Pehlíková Kateřina - Application Specialist for NGS, BioVendor Group

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A new generation of a unique immunoblot test for effective multiplex diagnostics. 

Microtiter plate technology paves the way for automation and high throughput of testing. The combination of a reader and advanced software provides comprehensive results and the possibility of connecting to a laboratory information system.

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