Fully automated CLIA solution.

An attractive portfolio of innovative and established diagnostic parameters combined with a state-of-the-art CLIA analyzer forms a comprehensive, fully automated system for any diagnostic laboratory. Versatile, fast, smooth, intuitive - this is the CLIA solution by BioVendor Group.


Biovendor Group is committed to bringing a fully automated CLIA solution. We developed an attractive portfolio of both established and unique diagnostic parameters to complement the cutting-edge technology of the open KleeYa® platform provided by Diatron, a member of the Stratec group. Together, the CLIA solution by BioVendor Group redefines the reliability and speed of current diagnostics.

Expert teams of TestLine, DiaSource and BioVendor R&D together create an ever-growing portfolio of CLIA diagnostic kits. Our priority is to provide an attractive mix of established and innovative, unique parameters that will gradually cover the essential clinical areas. To make full use of the diagnostic potential of the tests, we compile diagnostic panels, the optimal combination of tests according to the requirements of diagnostic practice.

CLIA immunoassays use magnetic particles to separate the resulting immunocomplex and the chemiluminescence of acridinium ester to produce a measurable signal, a flash of light. This system provides high measurement sensitivity with very short reaction times.

The strategic partner of the CLIA solution is Diatron from the Stratec group, a supplier of the fully automated KleeYa® platform. KleeYa® is an entirely European random access immunoassay with high sensitivity and sample throughput. Its cutting-edge design offers easy and intuitive operation and  

Our common goal was to bring to the market a fully automated solution, unique in its diagnostic scope, reliability and level of technological sophistication. Its fulfilment is only the first step on the way to better and more accessible diagnostics, which continues with many other milestones in the form of expanding the portfolio of innovative and established parameters. We believe that synergistic cooperation is the key to faster development of quality and reliable diagnostic kits that over and over again exceed the limits of existing clinical diagnostics.
Diagnostic panels
Diagnostic kits

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MSc. Zuzana Nekorancová - Product Manager for CLIA, BioVendor Group

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