People, their knowledge and skills are our greatest treasure. 

At BioVendor Group, we can together fulfill the vision of more reliable and affordable laboratory diagnostics thanks to them. 

Extensive experience, determination and the courage to explore new paths are common characteristics of all our employees.

We are proud of our experts Experience, knowledge and an innovative approach We are developing – as individuals and as a whole

01We are proud of our experts

We place great emphasis on the expertise of our employees, who are among the best in their field. We cooperate with technological institutions and prestigious universities. Everything we do is based on the rich know-how, sophisticated procedures and stable background of the multinational company BioVendor Group.

02Experience, knowledge and an innovative approach

Long term employees are a very important part that we can always rely on. However, discovering unexplored paths also requires a fresh perspective, which is why we like to expand teams with new colleagues and experts. We help each other move forward.

03We are developing – as individuals and as a whole

Not standing still and moving forward is extremely important in our industry. Therefore, we give our employees many opportunities for personal and professional development. We also like to create tailor-made positions for those who have great potential in their work.

Tomáš Němec, Founder, Consillium a.s.

Tomáš Němec

Founder, Consillium a.s.

A successful Czech businessman with more than thirty-five years of experience. Tomáš Němec is behind the success of the global rubber company CGS, which has become, under his leadership, the world's second largest manufacturer of off-road tires. He subsequently successfully sold his 100% share in the company to the Swedish group Trelleborg. He is currently the owner of the BioVendor Group.

Tomáš Němec graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague and York University in Toronto. In his professional life, he has extensive experience with international expansion, especially green-field projects and acquisitions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tomas Klapste – Managing Partner, Consillium

Tomáš Klápště

Managing partner, Consillium a.s.

Tomáš Klápště joined the management of the investment company Consillium after 21 years in the investment banking of Patria Finance and Expandia, where he participated, as managing director, in more than 400 acquisition transactions in Central and Southeastern Europe. He is a member of the board of directors of the BioVendor Group. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Economics in Prague.

Ondrej Palat, Investment Director, Consillium

Ondřej Palát

Investment director, Consillium a.s.

Ondřej Palát, one of the Consillium company partners, works as a member of the board of directors in the BioVendor Group. During his 12 years in the management of the companies Patria Finance and Patria Corporate, he has developed into a leading specialist in Mid Cap investments in Central and Eastern Europe. He began his professional career as a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague.

Ladislav Sekerka, Partner, Consillium a.s.

Ladislav Sekerka

Partner, Consillium a.s.

After 12 years of working at UBS Wealth Management in Zurich and Vienna, Ladislav Sekerka became the partner of Consillium, where he was in charge of the wealthiest group of clients from all over Central Europe.

Ladislav graduated from Harvard Business School, the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and the Faculty of Business and Management of the Brno University of Technology.

MVDr. Michal Kostka, CEO, BioVendor Group

MVDr. Michal Kostka

CEO, BioVendor Group

Before Michal Kostka became the executive director and the chairman of the board of directors of the BioVendor Group in 2019, he had been in charge of the Group's international projects for 7 years. His original job was the management of the International Clinical Research Centre at St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno and other managerial positions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He acquired his education at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno. 

Michal is an active athlete – he especially „gravitates“ towards downhill mountain biking disciplines.

Matěj Milata, CFO, BioVendor Group

JUDr. Ing. Matej Milata

CFO, BioVendor Group

Matej Milata began his career as a financial analyst at the Patria company, where he later, in the position of director, led the acquisitions of the TestLine and Immunolab companies, which became parts of the BioVendor Group.  

Mutual external cooperation, in which Matej Milata helped with the development of the BioVendor company through mezzanine financing, resulted in his full-fledged integration into company management in 2014.

Matej graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and then obtained his doctoral degree in Financial Law at Charles University in Prague.

In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, freeride skiing and reading books with his three children.

Martina Hlozankova – R&D Director, BioVendor Group

MSc. Martina Hložánková, CSc.

R&D Director, BioVendor Group

Martina Hložánková began her career at Exbio, where she was in charge of the preparation and application of monoclonal antibodies. From her subsequent position as head of the CEDELAB laboratory, she moved to BioVendor, where she has been in charge of developing diagnostic tests since 2011.  

Thanks to her original education, Martina Hložánková is a natural scientist. She obtained her doctoral degree at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Academy of Sciences, where she was engaged in basic research in the field of the cytoskeleton.

She likes to spend her free time by mushroom picking and hiking – activities she engages in with her headstrong dog. She is also a lover of Moravian wines, whose positive effects she likes to talk about.

Jana Drzikova – Marketing Manager, BioVendor Group

MSc. Jana Držíková, MBA

Marketing Manager, BioVendor Group

Jana Držíková became part of the BioVendor Group in 2020. As part of the management of international marketing activities, she applies her education in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as previous experience with leading the distribution company.

Jana Držíková is the initiator of the company's historical milestone – the change in the corporate identity of the BioVendor Group. Her long-term goal is to connect individual teams within the Group more closely and to improve communication with both employees and customers.

Besides enjoying leadership and teamwork she loves to dance salsa.

Marek Staud – IT Manager, BioVendor Group

Ing. Marek Štaud

IT Manager, BioVendor Group

At the BioVendor Group, Marek Štaud is responsible for the preparation and implementation of IT projects. Before joining the company in 2008, he participated in a number of interesting projects for both the private and public sector while studying at university.  

Mark's lifelong passion is IT and technological trends and novelties. In addition to them, he also enjoys his family and a wide range of sports – cycling, skiing and even sport shooting.

Alexandra Hronská

Alexandra Hronská

Head of Human Resources, BioVendor Group
Michal Beránek, CEO, Testline Clinical Diagnostics

RNDr. Michal Beránek, Ph.D., MBA

CEO, Testline Clinical Diagnostics

During his tenure in TestLine management, Michal Beránek has made a significant contribution to the company's rapid growth over the past decade. In his work, he professes an altruistic, but very effective managerial approach, thus making an indelible impact on the company’s history.

He is a double graduate of doctoral studies in the field of molecular biology at Masaryk University, and he obtained his managerial degree at the Brno University of Technology.

He is an avid fisherman, pianist and football fan.

Juraj Gutman – CEO, BioVendor Slovakia

Juraj Gutman

CEO, BioVendor Slovakia

Juraj Gutman has been working at the Slovak branch of BioVendor since 1995. During his tenure, he has held a number of positions, from service to store manager, up to executive director, a position he has held since 2011.

In his free time, Juraj is an active athlete – his interests include skiing, alpine hikes and mountain hiking.

Martin Zeppetzauer, CEO,  ViennaLab Diagnostics

Martin Zeppetzauer BSc., MRes.

CEO, ViennaLab Diagnostics

Prior to joining ViennaLab management, Martin Zeppetzauer worked in the field of clinical testing, where he was involved in GMP production and clinical laboratory services. He acquired his education at the University of Newcastle. He gained extensive experience in biological research of childhood leukaemia at the Children's Cancer Research Institute in Vienna.

Summer or winter, Martin most often spends his free time actively in the mountains.

Béatrice de Borman, CEO, DIAsource ImmunoAssays

MSc. Béatrice de Borman

CEO, DIAsource ImmunoAssays

Beatrice de Borman is a well-known name in the fields of life science and in vitro diagnostics. During her 20 years of professional life, she has gained a great deal of experience from various positions in companies and organisations around the world. Her strengths include management of corporate development and human resources, knowledge of best practices and business skills.

Outside working hours, Beatrice, who is otherwise very energetic and result-oriented, enjoys the pleasures of everyday life – reading books, cooking and sharing time with her family.

RNDr. Ing. Veronika Seidlová, Ph.D.

RNDr. Ing. Veronika Seidlová, Ph.D.

CEO, BioVendor MDx

Veronika graduated from the Faculty of Science of the Charles University and simultaneously completed a 5-year master’s degree at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. She gained her two doctorates at the University of Veterinary Sciences Brno and the Charles University in Prague.

Veronika acquired her work experience at the aforementioned University of Veterinary Sciences. After finishing her studies there, she led a team for 5 years that was dedicated to the research of pathogens in wild animals.

She likes to spend her free time with her family and her dog, who has an inexhaustible amount of energy. By exercising and reading historical novels, she maintains her strength and an optimistic approach to life and work.