Microblot-Array (MBA)

An innovative new generation multiplex method for more effective diagnostics of infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Microblot-Array (MBA)

Serological diagnostics is at the heart of laboratory medicine. Our goal is to combine knowledge in immunodiagnostics with the most accurate new technologies and emerging trends, such as automation, saving time and resources. The result is Microblot array, multiplex diagnosis of infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Highly specific recombinant antigens are applied in the form of spots in triplet to a nitrocellulose membrane in the well of a microtiter plate. If specific antibodies are present in the sample, they will bind to the appropriate antigens. The complex is then labelled with the conjugate and detected by colour reaction with the substrate. Each well contains control spots to verify the functionality of the assay and then spots to control the conjugate. The wells also contain calibration spots for quantitative evaluation of the results. Intuitive and user-friendly software is used for semi-quantitative (IP; AU) and quantitative (U/ml) test evaluation. MBA allows the analysis of up to 96 patients per microtiter plate. The platform allows parallel detection of several markers simultaneously, which brings time and money savings. In addition, there is the possibility of automatic processing of kits on open ELISA analysers. Our fast and high quality MBA reader is able to scan and evaluate the entire microtiter plate within 5 minutes. For high user comfort, the components are prepared in working dilution, the same work procedure is used within different kits, and we also provide remote technical support.

MBA products for infectious serology
MBA products for immunology

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