Research and Innovations

Sharing experiences is a way to shorten the path to innovation. Therefore, at the BioVendor Group, in addition to our own research and development, we cooperate on a number of joint projects with scientific and technological institutions.

BioVendor R&D: innovations incubator

Our R&D division is a long-established institution in the field of RUO products. At present, it also focuses on applied research of innovative parameters in the field of IVD, especially immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics, as well as developments in the field of personalised medicine and point-of-care testing.

We bring innovative products to the diagnostic market

Key R&D projects

Main focus of our research and development teams are new microRNA biomarkers – short non-coding RNAs that are involved in pathogenesis of many diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular or neurodegenerative diseases.

Biovendor R&D has recently obtained a license for the new Two-Tailed RT-qPCR technology, which is a modern tool for the analysis of short molecules of small interfering RNA molecules such as miRNA, piRNA, siRNA and others. This technology, originally developed by TATAA Biocenter company, enables both the qualitative determination of miRNA molecules and their quantification. Based on this platform, tests for the diagnostics of colorectal cancer and bladder cancer are being developed.

Key R&D projects

Laboratory automation

The development of automated laboratory technologies is a response to the irreversible trend where automation is becoming a condition for quality and efficient clinical diagnostics.

The goal of our project in the field of automation of in vitro diagnostics is primarily the development of laboratory tests for the diagnosis of inflammation, sepsis, cardiovascular diseases and kidney disease. Diagnostic tests will focus mainly on the determination of innovative protein biomarkers and will function on the principle of chemiluminescent immunoassay. The tests are being developed for a new automated random access platform, i.e., random access analysers.

Another integral part of the development of diagnostic kits is the clinical validation of tests and their certification according to valid IVD legislation.

Innovations in laboratory automation

Joint projects

BioVendor R&D participates significantly in the activities of BIOCEV and CEITEC technology clusters, which serve as a platform for promoting the common goals of companies and universities.

We are currently cooperating on two grant projects:
The project conducted within the TACR’s call of Zéta is focused on the development and validation of innovative detection systems for the determination of urinary miRNA in the diagnosis of urological tumours.
The second joint project is of the RNADIAGON international consortium, whose development and research in the field of the use of non-coding RNA within oncological diagnostics was supported by a grant from Horizon 2020 RISE. In addition to the research team of prof. Slabý from CEITEC and Biovendor R&D, teams from the universities in Graz, Hamburg and Ferrera, as well as the team of Professor Calin from the Anderson Cancer Center in Texas are involved in the project.

BioVendor Group’s projects in cooperation with other institutions

A combination of science and diagnostics

Through joint grants, we direct academic research teams to address real problems of practical diagnostics.  

For this purpose, we connect workplaces focused on biomarkers with workplaces that are dedicated to developments in the field of laboratory instruments and software.

We cooperate with scientists to bring new products to the market

Brno: European Innovation Centre

Few European cities can boast a comparable concentration of innovative companies and research institutions. We are proud of our origin "Made in #brnoregion" and we participate, in close cooperation with the South Moravian Innovation Centre, in shaping the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region.

Bridging Science and Diagnostics

– We turn scientific know-how into a product with instructions.

We use our know-how and technology to turn scientific discoveries into products that help make a diagnosis.

– We guide scientists in addressing real needs.

We know what diagnostics need. Through grants, we bring scientific teams together to fill in the blank spots on the map.

– We bring new parameters to established platforms.

We develop and modify innovative parameters for use in modern diagnostic platforms.

Cooperation with universities

From the beginning, we have cooperated with a number of domestic and foreign academic institutions.  

Our traditional partners in the Czech Republic include:

CEITEC Centre of Scientific Excellence

International Centre for Clinical Research (FNUSA-ICRC)

Mendel University Brno

University Hospital Vinohrady

University Hospital Motol

Charles University

Veterinary Research Institute

Support for start-ups

The South Bohemian Innovation Centre (JIC) is home to globally successful businessmen. The BioVendor Group also plays a significant role in their support. It is led by CEO Michal Kostka, who worked at JIC for more than 5 years and still works as a member of the expert team, where he passes on his knowledge and experience to beginning entrepreneurs through consultations.

BioVendor has also become a committee member of the Prototype and Verify programme, which supports promising start-ups on the path to prototypes of their innovative products.

Technology and innovation programme

A successful project aimed at finding a combination of known and new biomarkers in order to improve the diagnostics of selected cancer diseases. The main researcher of this project was Charles University, and BioVendor R&D was also a member of the consortium.  

As part of the project, we have established new multiplex-based technology and developed 20 new ELISA kits usable for the diagnosis of prostate, colon, pancreas, kidney and bladder cancer.

We pack scientific results into easy-to-use diagnostic products Collaboration with universities We support innovative start-ups Technology and innovation programme