BioVendor Group COVID19 response

We continue to manufacture and supply in an unchanged manner.
In a nutshell
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have been monitoring, assessing and navigating the situation daily. We are committed to our mission as an IVD company, supplying customers with diagnostic solutions based on immunoassays and molecular diagnostics.
BioVendor Group COVID19 response

We strongly believe that our obligation right now is to mitigate the risks to our colleagues, partners and customers. We are implementing solid business continuity plan to provide the healthcare and scientific community with both diagnostic and research solutions without disruptions caused by the current circumstances.

Our approach is divided into 4 main categories:

1) Up-to-date on-site safety protocols based on ECDC, CDC & WHO guidelines

Measures including separation into no-contact work teams, strict visitor guidelines & enhanced sanitization are in place across the BioVendor Group.

2) Group-wide coordinated response

Business continuity planning through shared instructions, best practices and a co-ordinated approach within our international team.

3) Employee online connection and training

Strict home-office policy wherever possible, social distancing and comprehensive training in online tools to keep teams on track.

4) Coordinated approach to assess risk

Close monitoring and daily reports focussed on risk assessment of manufacturing sites, logistics chains, and suppliers. Our goal is to keep all essential processes in the group up and running to avoid putting additional unnecessary strain on healthcare systems across the globe.

At BioVendor, we are confident, that we can help to achieve a solution to this situation by implementing strict policies to keep our employees safe and meet our customers‘ expectations. These BioVendor Group policies have been successful so far, therefore we continue to manufacture and supply in an unchanged manner. We strive to keep it that way. We will keep you updated.

We continue to manufacture and supply in an unchanged manner.

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