BioVendor Group is changing its face

Introducing the new BioVendor Group identity!
In a nutshell
We have unified the visual identity across all members of BioVendor Group. This is a manifestation of continuous collaboration within BioVendor Group. One of the many steps we have taken towards our goal of developing groundbreaking products in the diagnostic industry.
BioVendor Group is changing its face

BioVendor Group is growing. Since it was founded in 1992, the original small company has been transformed into a multinational group supported by its own R&D division. It includes the established brands BioVendor R&D, TestLine, DiaSource, ViennaLab and Oxford BioSystems. The unique breadth of our portfolio ranks us among the major players in the global diagnostic market. The visual unification of all BioVendor Group brands celebrates our successful geographical expansion accompanied by organic growth and integration.

The new brand can be divided into two themes - a completely new BioVendor Group brand, which covers all activities across the group, and logotypes for individual sub-brands. This is not just a visual adjustment, but a complete change in our communication.

Michal Kostka, CEO, says: “The goal was to preserve and rediscover the authentic values ​​and character of our companies throughout their operations. The desire to discover new approaches, enthusiasm for our field, individual freedom, professional and personal interest in human well-being – these are all values we want to develop even further in cooperation with our partners and customers.

The visual processing of the new brand also refers to our history. The BioVendor Group logo, like the logos of all sub-brands, contains a yellow pentagon, which has been associated with brands around BioVendor for more than two decades.

Since 2017 BioVendor Group has been owned by the Tomáš Němec Consillium family company. Medical diagnostics, together with sport and sustainable agriculture, is a key investment area.

The new identity of the BioVendor Group is, as far as our customers and partners are concerned, the most visible step in our long-term effort to connect the individual companies more deeply, which will enable them to satisfy the needs of their customers and partners with even better care. Especially as the coronavirus pandemic is placing extreme demands on the health systems of all countries, suppliers need to be even more agile and efficient.  “Our vision is to expand and share know-how even more intensively. Through mutual synergy, we gain the innovative potential with which the BioVendor Group can and soon will launch truly groundbreaking products and technologies on the diagnostic market,” says Michal Kostka.

MSc. Jana Držíková, MBA, Marketing Manager
BioVendor Group

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