Molecular Cinderella microRNA story: from dust to reign BioVendor’s Webinar #4

Join us and MSc. Veronika Grešáková, PhD, BioVendor´s science & product manager, for a webinar to find out more.

For decades, their sequences were called ‘junk DNA’. Their functions were underestimated and disregarded. Scientists did not pay much attention. However, recent discoveries have shown otherwise!

Short non-coding RNAs are seizing the interest of many scientific leaders as their importance in expression regulation is established. These promising biomarkers might be key to the early diagnosis of severe diseases such as cancer or stroke.

The focus of the scientific team in BioVendor is developing sensitive and precise methods for total quantification. Let us show you our novel and valuable tools for miRNA measurements.

Key points covered in this webinar:

  • MicroRNA: why is it important?
  • Novel methods of miRNA quantification: miREIA & TT-RT-qPCRs
  • Target strategies: science and diagnostics


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