The new standard of the future? Microblot-Array combines the benefits of BLOT and ELISA.

We are introducing the Microblot Array. A unique solution for multiplex BLOT testing in the format of microtiter wells.
In a nutshell
Microblot-Array is a unique solution for multiplex BLOT tests in the form of microplate wells. It brings high accuracy, speed and efficiency. Most standard ELISA analyzers can be used for automated test processing.
The new standard of the future? Microblot-Array combines the benefits of BLOT and ELISA.

Microblot-Array, one of our key innovative projects, has come to the forefront of the professional public interest in recent days. The reason is a major expansion of the portfolio of parameters that will significantly increase the diagnostic potential of this method. Its attractive advantages are definitely worth your attention.

Multiplexing the BLOT, redefining the ELISA format.

The purpose of innovation is to bring new opportunities and make people’s work easier. And that’s exactly what our Microblot-Array multiplex method is about.

The magic of MBA is to integrate several BLOT tests into a single ELISA well. Yes, you read that right: The ELISA well, which is part of the daily routine of almost all laboratories in the world. 

Nowadays, each Microblot-Array well contains up to 44 antigens. And it can handle many more. The number of tested parameters can be significantly increased to meet the requirements of even the most comprehensive multiplexes,” explains Lenka Pokorná, MBA Product Manager. Fascinating? It was not enough for our colleagues from TestLine development team. Therefore, they placed each parameter on the nitrocellulose membrane three times, thus virtually erasing the probability of error from the diagnostic dictionary. In addition, reference and calibration spots, conjugate controls, test controls… A total of about 200 spots in a single well!

Microblot-Array enables the processing of highly accurate BLOT tests not only by a manual method, but especially automatically using a standard ELISA analyzer. The one you meet every day in your lab,” explains Zuzana Petříčková, immunoblot platform specialist.

TestLine MBA Reader takes care of data reading – the only specific hardware for Microblot-Array. The evaluation of results and clear reporting is then generated by intuitive software in a few clicks. The software is ready to be connected to the LIS.

New possibilities, maximum efficiency, high accuracy – and minimum purchase costs. Not only because of this has Microblot-Array become one of the key innovation projects of the BioVendor Group.

Portfolio: in the name of versatility

The list of parameters for Microblot-Array is constantly growing – and with it the diagnostic possibilities that this method offers. The long-term vision of TestLine development team is to cover the large field of immunology and infectious serology.

Microblot-Array technology can serve as a primary diagnostic method in the laboratory workflow. We know from experience that customers appreciate the opportunity to test as many parameters as possible with a single method, because it saves their time and work. That’s why we are constantly developing new parameters and multiplex tests. One of the already available novelties are, for example, diagnostic kits for gastroinfection - MBA Helicobacter and Yersinia,” explains the approach to the development of parameters Lenka Pokorná.

Workflow: new possibilities, known methods

Microblot-Array brings to the laboratory a number of new diagnostic possibilities, high accuracy, efficiency and throughput of testing. However, from the user’s point of view, the processing of the test is “only” an improvement of the usual ELISA procedures.

Our method uses standard ELISA procedures that are familiar to laboratory staff. They can start using Microblot-Array almost immediately. However, from the manager’s point of view, the economic aspect is even more interesting. Laboratory technician may process the assays manually or use existing or new ELISA analyzers, which significantly reduces the purchase costs of this method,” explains Lenka Pokorná.

Multiplex: a new chapter in modern diagnostics

The Microblot-Array technology is developed by a team of experts from TestLine, one of the leading producers and distributors of innovative IVD products for immunology and infectious serology.

Thanks to this many years of experience, our colleagues managed to develop a unique diagnostic system in a relatively short time. Its features are hardly comparable on the market. With its wide applicability in routine diagnostics, the MBA project perfectly complements BioVendor Group’s range of key innovative projects.

From the beginning, we have paid above-standard attention to the development of Microblot-Array. However, the result that our colleagues managed to achieve far exceeded our expectations. I believe that thanks to its simplicity, reliability, width of portfolio and also low purchase costs, Microblot-Array has great potential to become the diagnostic standard of the future,” concludes Michal Kostka, CEO of BioVendor Group.

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